More pictures from Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal's weekend

I had to include these pictures I found of Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal from last weekend. They look so comfortable together that there is no denying that they are together.


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Did Heidi Klum not notice her butt crack was showing??

How did Heidi Klum miss her butt crack showing? I can't believe she wore it like that!! HEIDI!!! Maybe she is starting Naked Sundays early?


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Kat Von D at the Victoria's Secret Runway Show

Kat Von D looks amazing here at the Victoria's Secret Runway Show last night. A couple of months ago she was in the city here and I was dying to get tattooed by her. But I didn't get a chance to go to the Tattoo show...darn it all!!


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Britney Spears can't drive with the kids in the car

US magazine is reporting that Britney Spears is no longer allowed to drive with her kids, a source close to the case tells

“It was a long time coming,” the insider says.

Attorneys for Spears and ex Kevin Federline declined to comment after a sealed, 90-minute hearing at L.A. Superior Court Friday.

Federline's counsel, Mark Vincent Kaplan, had called for a hearing after footage emerged of Spears, 25, running a red light with her two children in the back seat November 8.

Kaplan told reporters, "All I can tell you is orders have been made. They have not been released by the court so I can't discuss the contents.

Spears' attorney Anne Kiley told "I can't talk about anything. Everything's fine."

I'm glad to see that finally something is being done about this. Let's keep those kids safe!

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Travis Barker is still barking!!!

The rumors that Travis Barker has died are completely false.

Shanna posted a bulletin on her MySpace, saying:"I'm not quite sure who would start such a sick rumor, even if it was done as a joke. I am happily laying next to my husband who is alive and well and it brings me great pleasure to stop a rumor as horrific as that. It is indeed FALSE. health, wealth and happinessshanna xoxoxooxoxoxo"
I was getting worried there....glad he's alive....

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Eva Longoria has a new tattoo!!

Eva Longoria has a new tattoo....Adding to her growing list of body ink, the 32-year-old Desperate Housewives star was photographed Thursday sporting a new tattoo on her right wrist that, upon close inspection reads "VII VII MMVII," which is her wedding date written out in Roman numerals. (July 7, 2007)

This isn't the first tattoo for Eva, who sports four other pieces of body art, including a star on her left wrist and hubby Tony Parker's initials, inscribed in an intimate place where the public is likely to never see them. "I'm not telling where it is," Eva said after getting that particular tattoo. "But let's just say he gets to see it on a very regular basis!"

There will be no excuse for Tony to forget that anniversary...LOL.

Photos and Source

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Hayden Panettiere stands by her word

Even though there is a warrant out for Hayden Panettiere's arrest she is still standing by what she did.

Later yesterday after finding out about the warrant she told Access Hollywood in a statement: "Obviously this issue has generated defensive behavior on the part of both the Japanese authorities and fishermen."

For her part, Panettiere said, "I have grown up hearing – and adhering to – this phrase: 'Condemnation without investigation dooms one to everlasting ignorance.' "

Moving forward, "We must unite as a world to solve our increasing international environmental crises. We can no longer hide [behind] outdated, senseless cultural traditions and lazy, bad habits that are resulting in the annihilation of our planet's resources and the extinction of our species," she said.

In response to that protest, Takumi Fukuda, a spokesperson for the Fisheries Attaché at the Embassy of Japan released a statement to Access Hollywood. It said, "Generations of people in Taiji have relied on fisheries for their livelihoods, and their catches are carried out in a sustainable manner."

Adding that "The population of dolphins has been healthily maintained for many years," Fukuda statement goes on to say, "While respecting Ms. Panettierre's personal feelings towards dolphins, I hope that your viewers will be reassured by the fact that Japan is carefully managing marine-living resources for the future."

I am totally with Hayden on this one...I hope that this awareness she has been bringing to the topic will make them further change their minds.

Photo and Source

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Paris Hilton...Hit or Miss??

Paris Hilton wore this outfit last week...hit or miss??

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Heidi Klum and Seal at the Victoria's Secrets Runway Show

Now Heidi Klum can say she is a singer too. Last night she sang with her husband, Seal.Heidi says her live singing debut was a one-time-only event done as a favor for her hubby/singer Seal. Complimented on her voice, Klum was modest. “Ah, stop it,” she said. “He asked me to do this, and I did this for him. Just for today.” Now that is love!!

The couple’s romantic duet, “Wedding Day,” ended with a lingering kiss against a backdrop of falling rose petals.

This couple never ceases to amaze me! How amazing do they look?? Amazing eh???

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Spice Girls perform for the first time...again

Most people know I don't like the Spice Girls...but I couldn't let this one pass me by.

The Spice Girls – (from left) Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham – took the stage Thursday for their first reunion performance in 10 years at a taping of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre. The show airs Dec. 4 on CBS.

From looking at the many pictures I have seen, they seem awkward...especially Victoria. But all in all it looks like they had so much fun!!

Photo and Source

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Lance Armstrong denying dating Ashley Olsen

Lance Armstrong is denying that he is dating Ashley Olsen. Lance spoke out on the rumors saying to the NY post...."We have hung out amongst other friends, and she strikes me as a nice, smart lady."

Why are all these guys denying being with such amazing women....come on can tell us the truth!!

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Hayden Panettiere at the Victoria Secret's fashion show

Hayden Panettiere looks so amazing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night. She didn't let the news of her warrant out for her arrest slow her down.


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