LeAnn Rimes Does Fitness

LeAnn Rimes is on the March 2008 cover of Fitness magazine. I find it all kind of fake but whatever.

This is what LeAnn says:

"I wasn't taking care of my health. I was getting out of breath in the middle of the show . . . and sometimes I was getting really sick." The solution came with the emotional stability provided by her husband Dean — who also provided her something more: a workout partner. "[Dean and I] both push each other to be better."

This is what LeAnn eats in a day:

I usually eat a bowl of oatmeal with agave nectar, dried cherries, and walnuts in the morning. I have a protein shake after the gym, then grilled chicken, a whole-wheat pita, and humus for lunch.

Come afternoon there's another snack, then, for dinner, I might have trout with spinach sautéed in garlic and olive oil and a piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

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Ellen Page On Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Page made an appearance on Ellen Degeneres talking about the Oscars.

Ellen Page shared with Ellen one of her anxiety dreams about the Oscars...

"I had one where I was with my stylist and she’s kind of helping me out and she’s awesome, and she had me in jeans, and I was like, 'Sam, this is awesome I feel really comfortable but I think I need to wear a dress,'" she said.

"So we throw on a dress, and it’s strapless and dark red, a lovely dress.

"I get to the Oscars, and I’m totally late. I’m like the new kid who shows up really late. Not, not cool, and I look down and at the strapless dress, and I’m wearing a sports bra!"

DeGeneres comforted the actress with a champagne toast in honor of her nomination and her recent 21st birthday.

"Wow, I’ve never tasted liquor before!" Page cracked.


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Heath Ledger's Final Painting Update

Since my first post of Heath Ledger's painting has been destroyed I thought I would offer this update.

Heath Ledger sat for a revealing portrait session just weeks before his tragic
death on January 22.

Australian artist Vincent Fantauzzo tells PageSix.com
his painting is the result of an intense collaboration between himself and the
28-year-old star. "Before we did the painting we talked to all hours," he says.
"The night before, we talked about the painting and about art, and about all
sorts of things."The haunting image "was an idea we discussed together and came
up with... it was about how we all have different consciences and voices in our
head that tell us what to do and how to react. They're not good or bad, they're
just voices that we hear, telling us how to behave. That's what the other
figures are in the painting."When it came to the sitting, however, the talk
stopped. "Heath was really serious and focused and almost in a meditation. He's
quite serious."

Heath sat for a few hour-plus sessions, and then Vincent finished off the
painting. Unfortunately, the actor never saw the finished product.

"It's a real shame, because I never let people see a painting until it's completely finished. I had been text-messaging photos to all our friends, and he was the only one who didn't get to see it."

Since Heath's death, Vincent has been inundated with e-mails from fans all over the world. He says, "It's amazing how many people he touched, and it's pretty cool to be a part of sharing" the Heath that he knew. That Heath "loved and adored" daughter Matilda, got involved in his friends' projects, and lit up a room. "He was very free-spirited and he took his own road, his own path to success. When you met Heath or when you were in a room with Heath, he had such an amazing energy, such a strong presence."

Vincent hopes that comes through in the work. "Heath had such a distinctive voice, I wanted people to look at the painting and think of his voice and what he could be saying. I think that when someone looks at the painting, it's tempting to know what he's saying or what he's whispering, so they can imagine it themselves, but they'll never know."

Vincent's painting is up for Australia's prestigious Archibald Prize for portraiture, which was his and Heath's plan all along. Still, for the artist and other friends who knew Heath, the focus remains on their loss. "It's just been really hard on everyone. I think now is a really hard time, because reality kind of kicks in. Time slows down and everyone just misses him."

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Milo Ventimiglia GQ Pictures

I have to say when I saw these pictures at LaLate I had to get them all for myself. So I did....

They title the segment as "Killer Khakis" for the Old Hollywood-esque revival of khaki business suits this season, as sported by Milo in the photoshoot (photographer is Nathaniel Goldberg).

And a question for Milo,

GQ: It seems like you’ve aged a decade since the first season of
‘Heroes.’ What gives?
Going through my twenties playing a teenager
was kind of rough. I just finally put on a little man-weight. My face changed.
Nothing I could do about it, man. It was a ****ing train I could not stop.

Finally, the man weight...I think he looks awesome....way better than the first season.

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