Celebrity Quote of the Day

"When it comes down to it, at the end of the day, I need more out of my life and I need to push myself harder. And if at the end of the day I don't have it, then I don't have it, but at least I'm going to put myself out there. If I fail, I'm going to fail terrifically." - Ali Larter

(Photo courtesy: Allstarscentral.com)

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Before they Were Stars-Howie Mandel

Here is Howie Mandel when he was quite young...on St. Elsewhere.

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Simpsons is still going strong

I can't believe that the Simpsons have survived 18 years. I was only 14 when this show aired and I even remember it being on the Tracy Ullman show. Who could have predicted that it would last this long. That tells you the staying power of a cartoon. Matt Groening is one of the smartest men in television because he has come up with enough content to cover 18 years. I must admit it's not a favorite show of mine but my other family members enjoy it. Cheers to the Simpsons. May you have many more. (Photo courtesy: Cnn.com)

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Paris Hilton gets Reduced Sentence

I have been debating about writing about Paris Hilton for a couple of days. But now I can no longer hold back. Paris has her sentence reduced??? And how is this fair??? She is only serving 23 days now and she will be separated from the other inmates. And why does she get this special treatment??? She gets to stay in a special cell that is reserved for celebrities. I think that this isn't fair. She violated her probation and that is against the law, so punish her as such. Don't treat her special because she's rich. (Photo courtesy: Usmagazine.com)

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