Hayden Panettiere reads.... :)

Even Hayden Panettiere has to read magazines. That's cool! What a great car she has!


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Jake Gyllenhaal and his coffee!!

May I just say say...HUBBA HUBBA!!! Jake Gyllenhaal apparently likes iced coffee. I would drink coffee just for him if I had to.


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Owen Wilson playing soccer....

Owen Wilson took some time off flirting with Jessica Simpson to play a cold game of soccer...in his bare feet....?????


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One Hot Momma...Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie looks amazing pregnant. Way to go girl...and wearing heels at that!


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Britney Spears...needs to give a good number...

Associated Press has reported that Britney Spears must provide a single, working telephone number to be called in for drug testing, a court commissioner ruled Thursday after her ex-husband's attorney said she has repeatedly failed to respond to calls for the court-ordered screenings.

Of the 14 such calls placed to Spears, she failed to respond eight times, Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan told Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon earlier in the day.
Spears lawyer Anne Kiley argued that Spears hadn't responded within an hour, as ordered by the court, because she was sleeping, and asked that she be given a six hour time-frame instead. But Gordon said time wasn't the problem, noting Spears had lost telephone numbers and changed numbers.

"There needs to be one number that the testing facility calls that she responds to," Gordon ruled. He added that she can change phones, as long as everyone involved is notified.

Federline, 29, and Spears, 25, were not in court for the hearing. After a break, Gordon issued his ruling, adding that he was not going to make any further modifications to existing custody orders

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Are Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia dating??

Hayden Panettiere did an interview for More magazine in Britain...here's what she had to say...

We heart Hiro, but who's your favourite hero out of the Heroes?
That's difficult, we have such a laugh when we get together. Adrian [Nathan Petrelli] is like the big brother, Masi [Hiro] is hilarious and Milo's [Peter Petrelli] a real flirt. Actually everyone has a crush on either Milo or Sendhil [Mohinder]. We've got a cast full of heartthrobs, what can you say?

You're (sic... More is such a well-written magazine!) character's constantly bleeding, how is that?
Very sticky. It's corn syrup with red dye so you can imagine what that does to your hair and your body after 10 hourd working. I think it was the most fun when me and Milo got to be sticky together.

Claire's a bit of a good girl in the show, will she ever turn to the dark side?
You know I really wish Claire could turn bad. I'd turn bad in a second. I'd love to play a villain. Anything is possible on Heroes. But I doubt it.

But you look so sweet...
I've always been typecast as "The Blonde Cheerleader" because people think I'm sweet. But I would never describe myself as sweet, never. I think it's so much more fun to be bad.

What super power would you love?
Invisibility definitely. If I could walk out my door and not be followed by paparazzi, I'd be a very happy person. When you've got cameras in your face all the time, it leaves you no room to mess up.

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Ali Larter and the DKNY Delicious Night

I love these pictures of Ali Larter at the DKNY Delicious Night last night. She looks really amazing!!

Photos and Source

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Jennifer Lopez is expecting!!

I don't know if you have heard yet or not...(you probably have...who hasn't) but Jennifer Lopez is expecting!! It's about time she has admitted it!

You should see in this clip how excited the fans were...did they not know? I don't know but in any case she finally has come out with it!


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Britney Spears buys a new car!

Why does Britney Spears need a new car?? I guess after having to pay Kevin Federline the almost $200 000 in court fees she decided to drown herself in the sorrows...and buy a new car.

The word is that this one only has two seats...so it isn't for the kids....

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