Jamie Lynn Spears is growing up!

I can't believe how old Jamie Lynn Spears looks now....she's not a little girl anymore!


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George Clooney may be facing charges for his motorcycle accident!

Starpulse is reporting that George Clooney could face dangerous driving charges following his motorcycle accident in New Jersey. Weehawken Police Sergeant Sean Kelly has revealed the accident on Friday happened when Clooney tried to pass a 1999 Mazda Millenia that was attempting a right hand turn from the left lane.

Sargeant Kelly says, "It's a he-said, she-said right now, but you can't pass on the right in Weehawken or anywhere in Jersey."

Clooney suffered a rib fracture and grazes in the accident and his new girlfriend Sarah Larson, who was his passenger, had two broken toes. They were both taken to the Palisades Medical Center for treatment but have since been released.

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Britney Spears' bodyguard tells more about her...

TMZ.com is reporting that one of Britney Spears' security guys was so concerned that she might hurt her two sons, he once tried to keep her from swimming with the kids -- at her own home.

So says former Spears bodyguard Tony "Fat Tony" Barretto, who makes the new allegation in another interview with the British tabs. He tells the Daily Mail that he "thought she was going to hurt the kids" and that at one point, says Barretto, she started to wig out, just like she did during her head-shaving spree.

That's when, according to Fat Tony, another member of the security detail said, "I'm worried about the kids. Don't let her go swimming with them." Asked Barretto, "Is she going to drown them?" and started to cry. "How am I supposed to protect someone like that?"

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Jake Gyllenhaal on the cover of Interview!

Ok...I totally forgot how yummy he was...no actually I am lying....he is smoking hot!! I love these pics of him in Interview magazine (Oct 2007). I hope you enjoy them as much as I!!

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Jennifer Lopez's break....

MSN.ca is reporting that Jennifer Lopez has further fuelled pregnancy rumours by revealing she is planning to take time off after her tour. The singer-and-actress, who this week was reported to be 12 weeks pregnant with her first child, is going on her first full scale tour later this year but insists she will be taking an extended break afterwards.

J.Lo - who will be joined on the road and on stage by husband Marc Anthony - said: "I think after we have finished doing the tour, I'm going to take a couple of months off - for the first time in I don't know how long!

"But it's good to have time off, by yourself, for introspection. I'm surrounded by people all the time, so it's nice to be by myself."

The 38-year-old star is yet to comment on the baby rumours, but insists she definitely sees motherhood in her future. She added: "Eventually I want children, yes. There's always people talking about that, and I guess it just shows that people care, so it's nice."

J.Lo is currently in London to promote her upcoming album, 'Brave', and is staying at the exclusive Dorchester hotel. She reportedly gave staff a two-page list of demands for her suite - including spicy mustard, two humidifiers and three different types of Coke.


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I finally found the clips of Amber crying....

via Dotspotter

I really miss Big Brother 8 already!! But watching this reminds me that I am just being silly....why tonight Heroes starts!! YAY!

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