Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt party...in Vegas!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt amaze me sometimes. I can't believe they they think we love them. Anyways, here are pictures from Las Vegas. Heidi looks a little underdressed but I guess to each their own.


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Defending Ellen Degeneres

I am a huge fan of Ellen Degeneres'...all I see is people bashing her because she is still doing her show when she should walk out. But I finally found someone that isn't bashing her...Perez Hilton...I am so surprised too...but this is what he has to say!

...one of her former writers is coming out in her defense.

She says:

“First, let me say that I wish that Ellen hadn’t crossed the picket lines. I wish that she would stop making new episodes in solidarity with her writers. I know she is under intense pressure from her affiliates and production companies. Her show is syndicated, and she faces challenges that her late night compatriots do not. But these are excuses and I cannot defend her actions against the strike.

But I can defend her character. And I feel that I must.

Ellen hired me to write for her talk show even though I had little experience. In fact, several of her writers got their start on her show. She’s not afraid to hire green writers. She certainly took a chance on me. She was always patient and supportive. I never felt like she was mad or disappointed when a first draft didn’t pop. In fact, she often told me she was proud of me. She always challenged me to write better jokes, encouraging me to “beat” a joke that didn’t pack a strong punch. She made me a better writer by not settling for average. And I am grateful.
I wrote for her talk show for two seasons. I also wrote for the Oscars with her last year. Ellen loves her writers, that’s the only reason I got to write for the Oscars. She asked the Academy to hire me and two other staff writers from her show, in addition to the 6 other writers already on board. The Academy asserted that they could only pay us less than half of what they were paying the other writers. We all agreed to do it anyway. Right after the show, Ellen gave us each a check. She paid us the difference out of her own pocket. She said it was only fair and thanked us.

I no longer work on the talk show; I quit at the end of last season to pursue my career as a writer/performer. It was a difficult decision because I really loved working for her. Ellen let me move on with grace and kindness and support. She introduced me to her agent, her managers, and offered to help me in whatever way she could. She wished me luck and success. I was incredibly touched by her generosity.

When she was hiring writers for her upcoming special on TBS, I got a call. I took the job, more than happy to write for her again. Of course, I have stopped working on “Ellen’s Really Big Show”, because I am on strike.I will admit that Ellen had long been a hero of mine before I ever even met her. And I can honestly say, that after working for her for two years, she still is. She is a kind, generous and caring person. She was wonderful to me, and I am grateful.

Liz Feldman ”

It's so nice to see someone defending her!! Thanks Perez!

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How can Britney Spears cause this much attention???

Britney Spears is amazing to have to deal with all the paparazzi. But does she tell them to be around her like this? I don't think I could live one day like this!


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Who's lips do you like better???

I'm not usually intp red lipstick, but these girls really have it down. Who wore it better?? Rebecca Romijn, Lauren Conrad, Ashlee Simpson or Miley Cyrus??

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a baby boy!

People.com is reporting that Elisabeth Hasselbeck had a baby boy.

The View cohost gave birth to a 7-lb. 15-oz. boy Friday morning at an Arizona hospital. Hasselbeck plans to call into the show Monday to announce her son's name.

The baby joins big sister Grace, who is 2.

"We're thrilled he arrived safely," Tim Hasselbeck said in a statement. "Both mom and son are happy and healthy."

Raise your hand if you are going to watch The View on Monday....thought so....


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Heroes....last weeks episode....Milo Ventimiglia

Last week's episode rocked...I couldn't get over how exciting the episode was....and yup...this was my favorite scene...I had to share it...

OMG!! How yummy does Milo Ventimiglia look???
Also check out this version of Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry...there is more of Milo in this one.

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Heroes Creator Admits Show Sucks this season

Yes, I know...this season of Heroes has been kinda slow...and the creator knows that too!!

EW has an interview with Tim Kring and this is what he said...

THE PACE IS TOO SLOW ''We assumed the audience wanted season 1 — a buildup of intrigue about these characters and the discovery of their powers. We taught [them] to expect a certain kind of storytelling. They wanted adrenaline. We made a mistake.''

THE WORLD-SAVING STAKES SHOULD HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED SOONER The premonition of nuclear apocalypse created a larger context that unified every story line last season. Kring now sees that Volume 2 (the first 11 episodes of season 2) would have been better served if Peter's vision of viral Armageddon had appeared in the season premiere rather than episode 7. ''We took too long to get to the big-picture story,'' he says.

THE ROOKIES DIDN'T GREET THEMSELVES PROPERLY New Heroes Monica (Dana Davis), Maya (Dania Ramirez), and Alejandro (Shalim Ortiz) ''shouldn't have been introduced in separate story lines that felt unattached to the show. The way we introduced Elle (Kristen Bell) — by weaving her in via Peter's story line — is a more logical way to bring new characters into the show.'' (That said, Kring says a few newbies won't make it beyond this second volume, which wraps Dec. 3.)

HIRO WAS IN JAPAN WAY TOO LONG Hiro's (Masi Oka) time-bending adventure in 17th-century Japan — where he mentored samurai hero Takezo Kensei (David Anders) — finally came to an end on Nov. 5. But Kring says it ''should have [lasted] three episodes. We didn't give the audience enough story to justify the time we allotted it.''

YOUNG LOVE STINKS Kring regrets sticking Claire (Hayden Panettiere) with a super-dud boyfriend and forcing Hiro to moon over a cutesy princess. ''I've seen more convincing romances on TV,'' he admits. ''In retrospect, I don't think romance is a natural fit for us.''

Yet while Heroes has finally found some dramatic traction, this second volume is pretty much a wash. The Dec. 3 episode has been retooled to function as a potential season finale — a move inspired by the writers' strike and a desire to give the show ''a clean slate'' when it goes back into production for Volume 3. At that point, Kring wants to craft a rebooted Heroes that can attract new fans and win back those who've tuned out: ''The message is that we've heard the complaints — and we're doing something about it.''

I am so glad that he is listening to us!!


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Celebrity Quote of the Day-Jake Gyllenhaal

"When I was a kid I had these huge glasses. I once went to a [costume party] as a Crest toothpaste tube with these huge glasses stuck on. That is how I see myself most of the time – a Crest toothpaste tube with bad eyesight." – Jake Gyllenhaal, on feeling insecure about his looks, to London's Sunday Telegraph

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