She sure is getting old!

Here is Reese Witherspoon with her daughter Eva. Eva is 7 now! I can't get over how old she is already. And here she looks like a mini Reese. Reese looks so happy! Good for her! (Photo courtesy: USmagazine)

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Joss Stone fashion mistake!! Where are the police??

I have really been liking Joss Stone's new look...but this is a little silly. Why wear knee socks?? If you want to cover your legs wouldn't you just wear pants? I even said this to my husband today when we saw someone who needed the fashion police. I thought knee highs were out long ago. What do I know though...I am a stay at home mom! (Photo courtesy: USmagazine)

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Ali Landry had a baby girl!!

Ali Landry and her husband had a baby girl on July 10. They named her Estella. What is up with all these stars and the different names already?? What happened to Jennifer and Jason?? Congratulations to the new parents. (Photo courtesy: Celebs101)

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About time...

I know I wrote about Tori Spelling earlier this week becoming a reverand but now she is being a DJ. It's really refreshing to see a pic of a star enjoying herself. Rock on Tori! (Picture courtesy:

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