Moonlight...tonight...HOT! Gotta watch!

I have to tell you, I am about two weeks behind in my Moonlight watching. But I just saw the episode where Morgan/Coraline was introduced. It's bringing a whole new dimension to Alex O Loughlin's character. But I do hate his hair when they show him in the flashbacks!!! Catch it tonight after Ghost Whisperer on CBS.

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Miley Cyrus' new fashion statement

This is Miley Cyrus before a concert chillin'. When I see a pic like this it reminds me how young she really is and how much she already has to deal with. Hopefully, she keeps her feet on the ground.

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Spencer Pratt serves up Turkey....

I can't even believe my eyes on this...Spencer Pratt serving people Thanksgiving dinner? Apparently the girl beside him doesn't believe it either. May be I was wrong about him...or may be it's all the turkey I didn't get to have!!!


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Britney Spears had surgery??

These pics of Britney Spears were taken last week. Does it look like she had surgery to you??? Ummmmmm not!


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Britney Spears spends Thanksgiving in bad clothes

Britney Spears spent Thanksgiving at Virgin Records...I thought she was supposed to be with family??) Maybe she should have spent the day buying some new clothes??


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Jennie Garth shares what makes her marriage work

When Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli first got together in 1995 there was no email...."We used to fax each other because there was no e-mail then — god, I'm old!"

Jennie tells OK! of their early dating days. "Peter would fax me poems."A sweet and endearing gesture, but those faxes were not without slight problems."He wrote one that said, 'Last night I dreamt of colored candles.' But I thought it said 'colored cannolis,' and I thought, 'Well, he is Italian.' " Jennie says. "I kept all that stuff, but the faxes are fading."

Their love, though, is not. After 12 years together, six years of marriage and three children — Luca, 10, Lola, 4, and Fiona, 13 months — Jennie and Peter still can't get enough of each other.

"I tell her that I love her more every day," Peter, 33, tells OK!. "It's been 12 years and she amazes me in everything that she does."

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