The Newlyweds...Eva Longoria and Tony Parker...

Here are the newlyweds, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, fresh back from their honeymoon in the Caribbean. I wonder if they saw Jack Sparrow there? They sure look like they are in love. (Photo courtesy:

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Jessica Simpson launches her swimwear line

Jessica Simpson released her new bathing suit line on Saturday. I have seen the pics and they look amazing. I only wish I could wear the one on the left. Way to go everyone you have the brains! (Photo courtesy:

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The Victoria Beckham look-a-like!

Is it just me or does Katie Holmes look a lot like Victoria Beckham? I can't believe that she cut all her hair off! And look they got a good shot of the Prada bag. Suri is so cute though!! Love her!
(Photo courtesy:

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Is it just me??

I don't know what is up with this girl? She looks a little strung out to me. Pink hair? That won't get you noticed Britney!! She has her new dog that she just bought on Saturday. Ummmmm maybe I am crazy but where are her CHILDREN???? Some people! (Photo courtesy:

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