Before They were Stars-Jennifer Aniston

A young Jennifer has she ever changed! Is that an old nose we see there??? (Photo courtesy:

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Celebrity Quote of the Day

"You can't undo the past... but you can certainly not repeat it." - Bruce Willis

(Photo courtesy: The Cinema Source)

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Lindsay Lohan still drinking...and now driving??

MSNBC has reported that Lindsay Lohan was cited for investigation for driving under the influence Saturday and she was minorly injured when her convertible struck a curb. What the the heck?? Why does this surprise anyone?? It certainly doesn't surprise me. The weird thing is that she probably won't even get punished for it because she is a celebrity. So what was the point of going into rehab for her?? She still is drinking and even admits it. I don't know...I thought she would be able to pull herself out of this one...but I guess I was wrong. (Photo courtesy:

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Lost Finale

I finished watching the Lost finale finally. I couldn't believe how the two hours went by in a blink of an eye. So many new things were revealed plus old things answered. Charlie met his demise. I found myself catching my breath when I heard that the Others had killed the three at the camp.And Jack beating the heck out of Ben was the highlight of the whole show. At the end when Jack told the mystery person to meet him at the airport I wanted to say how surprised I was to see Kate. But then by the last two minutes you realize that the flashbacks weren't flashbacks they were in the future. What a twist. So now we know they get off the island...but the show is around for how many more years?? I guess we will have to wait and see. (Picture coutesy:

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