Big Brother 8 Monday

I can't even get over what happened on Big Brother last night!! All the things that happened...the plane going over and ruining the whole show! And Dick going off on Jen again.
I don't even know where to begin...Here's a clip of Dick talking to himself...apparently this happens alot!

I finally found a clip of Amber crying. This girl cries all the time...I don't understand...

This is the craziest amount of OMG poor Nick...Look at how intense Nick is...he looks sooo mad.

Someone got in the air to deliver the banner that has pretty much ruined the game. It said we love nick...Eric and Amber are liars. I can't believe something like that would happen.

Here is the clip of Dick dumping Iced tea on Jen...I love it!

Well Daniele is Head of Household this week. I wonder how Evil Dick is going to get before they kick him out. I am still surprised this hasn't happened already.

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes shopping in Berlin

Just Jared published these photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes shopping in Berlin. Wouldn't you just hate shopping with all those cameras? Suri is getting sooo big....

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Jenny McCarthy is bunny-licious!

Jenny McCarthy reprised her role as a Playboy bunny for charity. Doesn't that girl still look good? I wonder if the dealer won here??? LOL


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Paris Hilton is gonna eat her dog???

I really have been trying to find something juicy to write about Paris Hilton. And this is all I could come up with! Really....I think she has really toned it down since she got out of jail. Who knows may be it will work for Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan too??? This really is a cute picture...who knew Paris really is human???


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