Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant!

When the pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt surfaced I told people that those were baby hips she had. And now it is being said that she is pregnant…A source said: “Jennifer was shocked, but at the same time she was ecstatic with the news. It wasn’t planned, but now that it’s happened Jennifer and Ross McCall are both very happy.”The 28 year old discovered she was pregnant the week before Thanksgiving in November, Ross proposed to her.

I knew it folks!!!

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Hayden Panettiere flying!

Hayden Panettiere is flying on a jet plane....she is probably happy to be going home so she can get back to her dogs!! Those boots would be killer to wear in a plane though....OMG!!


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David Beckham says, "Look me in the eyes!!"

I had to include this hot pic of David Beckham in his underwear. Damn he looks hot...and believe me... I'm looking!!


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Kat Von D tattoo's to set the World Record

Kat Von D wanted to set the record for the most tattoos in a 24 hour period. I first heard about it on MySpace where Kat Von D had invited me (and thousands of her closest myspace friends) to the session in LA but since I live no where near it I couldn't go.

People lined up around the building and were given numbers up to the amount of 400 people. A lot of people were turned away...Kat was required to follow the Guiness Book guidelines and was restricted to only one tattoo design which was an elaborate ‘LA’ tattoo and cost each person $20. The proceeds of all the tattoos and merchandise sales were being donated to ‘Vitamin Angels’ a charity helping prevent blindness in children in Africa.

And, by the way....SHE SET THE RECORD....YAY!!!

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Family Time for the Beckham's

David and Victoria Beckham look so sweet here...they are sharing some family time skating in London's Hyde Park.


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Ashley Tisdale's new nose

Ashley Tisdale was out with her nose at the Z100's Jingle Ball. What do you think of her new nose?

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Lindsay Lohan...don't you know the white brings out the orange?

Doesn't Lindsay Lohan know that wearing white brings out the orange?? She should really pay attention to that!!!

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