Before They Were Stars - Reese Witherspoon

Does everyone remember the movie Cruel Intentions? I happen to still love this movie. This was her way back when...

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Celebrity Quote of the Day - Eva Longoria

"I hope you all can't see my underwear through this dress!" - Eva Longoria (Photo courtesy:

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Ace Young...My Favorite

I really like Ace Young...OK now I said it...Everyone in the world now knows. I was surfing around on the website and I found these pics of him. I had to post them so this way I can look at them everyday. Sorry folks. I had to do it.

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Lost Season 4???

I found this video, I just think it's crazy. What the heck is this all about. I really love Lost and I'm so glad it's around for two more years.

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Britney is doing it again!!

This girl needs a fashion intervention. Like please does she not know she looks like a fool? I don't know her hormones must be back to normal since her judgement is very impaired when it comes to this outfit. I don't know about her any more she seems so unpredictable these days...and she seems to always be in the news. Her two favorite things it seems....

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Ryan Phillippe is seeking Joint Custody is reporting that Ryan is seeking joint custody of the two kids he has with Reese. Things seem to be going smooth for them divorce wise. I still can't believe that they are getting divorced after so long together. But at least they aren't staying together for the kids like so many couples seem to do. I wish them luck with the divorce that everything goes smooth. That's the last thing the kids need. (Photo courtesy:

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Lying about her age? Rachel McAdams...

It is reported that Rachel McAdams is lying about her age. She claims she was born in 1978 which would make her 28, but other reports say she was born in 1976. Whatever the case may be it doesn't really matter what people say about your age. I'm sure many people do it out there in the business and who is really hurting? Nobody...why jeez we have better things to worry about than if Rachel is lying about her age.... (Source and picture courtesy:

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