Before they Were Stars

Criss Angel has always been a favorite of mine. I know I like alot of the guys but I like them all for different reasons. With Criss (he's 39!!!) he likes to mess with your head. He used to have a show in Vegas called "Mind Freak" even before the show "Mind Freak" on A&E. That show was featured on tv a while ago and it was mostly dramatics. The things Criss does are amazing. I have been waiting to plug this site of his...if you want Criss to call one of your friends go to this link-I got a personalized phone call from him!!! (Photo courtesy:

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Celebrity Quote of the Day-Gwyneth Paltrow

"People have become inappropriate. People have pushed too far. People have climbed one too many fences. I'm just tired of it." - Gwyneth Paltrow

(Photo courtesy: All Stars Central)

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Britney too vain??

Sorry, I had to do it again. Britney seems to always be with Sean Preston by where is her other little one? I also can't believe that she can't carry her own diaper bag and she makes sure the bodyguard does it...Like hello... (Photo courtesy: E!Online)

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Sheryl Crow and baby Wyatt

I finally found a picture of baby Wyatt. He is such a darling...way to go Sheryl. She even looks amazing for having to take care of such a little guy. And one last note...He's a drooler.... (Photo courtesy: E!Online)

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