Pictures of Milo Ventimiglia

You know...I can't get enough of Milo Ventimiglia. So here are some more pictures for people to look at of him.

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Adam Sandler and Sadie

Adam Sandler's daughter Sadie looks like she already knows how to ham it up to the camera's. What a cutie she is!


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Joel Madden gets Subway!!

I can't believe my eyes. Joel Madden had Subway! OMG I went to Subway last night too! Wow...they eat the same things we do??? HOly smokes! I know when I was pregnant with my daughter I had such horrible cravings for Subway...those subs rock!!


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Nicole Richie's interview...Part Two

So Nicole Richie was on Good Morning America yesterday for Part Two of the interview. You can see it here. This is what Nicole said about what she does for the baby..."I do not drink caffeine at all, cut out sushi" – and, in response to questions from Sawyer, who had also mentioned Richie's cocaine and heroin use – "No alcohol ... No marijuana ... No pills ... Nothing ... No smoking around me."

No smoking around her? Does that mean people in her life do these things? That I wouldn't put up with...this is not an enviroment for kids to grow up in!

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