Celebrity Quote of the Day

"I was the angriest little person imaginable. I woke up with a frown every morning. I barely talked, wore black all the time and had some serious teenage rebellion years." - Holly Marie Combs

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Weird News...what are they trying to pull off??

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Have you seen the photos???

Have you seen the knife photos yet? Apparently they are of Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Minnilo...I can't even put them on this blog because they are that disturbing. But if you want to see them you can go here. I don't know, I find them disturbing. And obviously she is drunk and stoned out of her mind. It looks like someone that was at this "party" wanted attention. They got it with all these pics floating around the internet. (Photo courtesy: People.com)

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Doesn't she look hot!!

Jessica Alba is looking good in her stylish bikini. I'm surprised you can even get this one wet!! But at least she isn't one of the girls that don't have the body for it and are trying to get away with wearing one. Summer brings out so many fashion mistakes..But this isn't one of them. (Photo courtesy: People.com)

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