Before They Were Stars-Kelly Ripa

I found this clip that someone put together about Kelly Ripa. She used to be a regular on a show called Dance Party USA.

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Celebrity Quote of the Day-Colin Farrell

"It's not that I'm stupid. I just don't think sometimes."-Colin Farrell

(Photo courtesy: All Stars Central)

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Yes Suri she is cute!

I had to include this picture of Tom Cruise and Suri. She is the most adorable baby I have ever seen. I have always been a fan of Tom Cruise and my favorite movie is Top Gun. I don't agree with all the bad press he has been getting. I may not like him as much anymore but they don't need people scrutinizing their every move. I say that they should live their own life. (Picture courtesy:

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OOppppssss another one...

I'm sorry all but I had to do it. Another fashion mistake for Britney. I almost feel like breaking out in song. OOOppppssss she did it again...she doesn't know how to dress....Get this girl some help...She's not at all innocent. Sorry, lucky you didn't have to hear me in person. She's just a bad target these days. (Photo courtesy:

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Apolo Anton WINS!

Apolo Anton did it, he won Dancing With the Stars. You know I really didn't watch the show this season but I did follow it online. I know Apolo was pretty much crowned the winner at the beginning. So I am happy for him. I only wish that I could catch the live show when it comes to my city in a month or so. All my favorites will be there. But such is life I guess. (Photo courtesy:

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