Before They Were Stars

Here is Tom Cruise in 1985 in a film Legend by Ridley Scott.

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Celebrity Quote of the Day-Sylvia Brown

"The more painful it is, tragically, the more you do learn, though, that's the good part."-Sylvia Brown

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Is Paris going to be another Martha??

Paris Hilton has taken up crafting. She must be practising for jail. I'm sure they will have lots of crafts for her to do there. There is something to be said for Martha-she got even more popular while she was in jail. May be Paris will be able to do the same thing. Get crocheting girls...may be she'll wear your frock when she gets out... (Photo courtesy:

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Is there something wrong with this picture?

I saw this picture and thought, what the heck? For such a sexy girl she has to go throw her garbage out looking like this?? Woweee...and as if the people taking this pic didn't go through her garbage right after she left. I think this is a desperate picture on their part. But hey, then what does it say about us...we are looking at it aren't we??? (Photo courtesy:

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Is she really??? is reporting that Lindsay Lohan checked herself into rehab on Monday. She is taking time for herself and really enjoying herself. What enjoying herself...may I ask how you can enjoy yourself in rehab? I figure this is why all stars keep going back because it's a resort. A wonderful hotel stay away from the public...but without the drinking.... (Photo courtesy:

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