Before They Were Stars

I can't get enough of Hugh Laurie.

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Quote of the Day- Hugh Laurie

"He was a very gentle soul and, I think, a very good doctor. And I'm probably being paid more to become a fake version of my own father."-Hugh Laurie

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Here again...

Here is the latest fashion mistake of Britney's I have found. Like hello....what is she thinking. Well you would think she would get a clue on knowing how to dress when she always has a camera taking pictures of her. And again Sean Preston is there but where is her other baby? I'm sorry get my bad fashion mistake award once again. (Photo courtesy: US magazine)

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A Cute Mommy Moment

I just had to include this picture of Liv Tyler and her son, Milo. I love watching the stars as parents. This is such a tender "Mom moment", it's nice to see postive pictures of a star for once. (Photo courtesy: US magazine)

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Is it really yogurt??

Usweekly reports that Jessica Simpson is eating yogurt. But is it really? I think that is always amazing that we see stars eating but they never gain weight. Why don't they show them working out? She seems to be looking a little out of it...I know she has a new movie role coming up. We'll have to just watch and see what happens. (Photo courtesy: US weekly)

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