Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze in Maxim

Doesn't Sarah Michelle Gellar - Prinze look hot for these December 2007 shots. Wow...why now???


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Celebrity's with Tattoo's - Alex O Loughlin

Alex O Loughlin looks like the tattoo type. I have been dying to know if he had any. He just oozes tattoo hotness. (I love tattoo's...I have four of my own.) Alex has six tattoos at last count. Most of the time they are covered up when he is on the show Moonlight, which is too bad because I think they are hot. does anyone know if Jensen Ackles has any tats??

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Nick Hogan's 911 tape has been released

Nick Hogan's 911 tapes have been released. The friend with him at the time is still in the hospital in a vegetative state.

Take a listen to the tape'll hear that someone saying, "They were racing!"

Nick has been released from jail on bail but this can't be good for his case.

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Hayden Panettiere is looking hot....

Hayden Panettiere was looking smoking today while she was driving around. I love her boots!!!


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BREAKING NEWS: Britney Spears in a car accident because of the pap

INF daily is reporting that they have learned that Britney Spears may have been involved in a serious car collision incident this afternoon. Apparently she was driving near her Bel Air home when the smash occured following a maneouvre Brit pulled to shake off some photographers who were following her. It is not believed that Britney herself was injured, but others at the scene were, our eyewitnesses say. We'll update you when we have more details.


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The Hills is can apply!!

Here is the exclusive info for you....

MTV Casting “THE HILLS Fans for SEASON FINALE Private Red Carpet Event

Reply to:
Date: 2007-11-26, 6:08AM PST

Are you a HUGE HILLS fan??? We are casting fans to attend a Red Carpet event for THE HILLS on MTV. You will be able to see the Season Finale of “THE HILLS” and the cast in Los Angeles. This is a private event that will be filmed by MTV. Email us ASAP to be considered to be invited to this event. The fans that we select will see the cast and the Season Finale episode. This event will take place on December 10th in Los Angeles.

To be considered you MUST:

1. Be at least 16 years old and older
3. Available December 10th
4. Live in or near Los Angeles

Email back at with the following:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Contact Number
4. Photo of yourself
5. Write us a short reason why you love the Hills and we should pick you

If you apply and get in ... please let me know...I would love to find out how it went!!

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Salma Hayek and her baby, Valentina

This is an amazing photo of Salma Hayek and her little girl, Valentina. It's nice to finally see a picture of her!! Congrats again Salma!

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David Beckham has a killer smile

David Beckham looks so cute in this pic with these girls. I bet he has never had fans do that to him before?? LOL This was from when he was in Beijing on Saturday. So so cute!

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Heroes Screen Caps-Four Months Ago

Here are my favorite screen caps from the episode Four Months Ago....Milo Ventimiglia and Kristen Bell sure work together good!!


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Stop Signs aren't made for Britney Spears

US magazine is reporting that Britney Spears doesn't use stop signs...Spears, 26 — who is already banned from driving with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James — ran three stop signs Friday night, a new video obtained by shows.

Riding in her white Mercedes SL65 with her producer pal Sam Lutfi, the singer was on her way home from the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills when she zoomed through two signs. As she approached a third stop sign, she slowed but didn't stop.

Watch the footage below.

Online Videos by

What is this going to do for her driving record now???

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Reese Witherspoon, Ava and Deacon

I can't get over how big the kids are getting. Reese Witherspoon is looking amazing and happy!


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Milo Ventimiglia's Simply Sexy Spread in People

This is Milo Ventimiglia's pic in People's Sexiest People...Milo should have been on the front page BABY!!!


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Ten Inch Hero preview-Jensen Ackles is so cute!!

For all the Jensen Ackles fans that haven't had the chance to see a screening of this movie yet; the famous "tampon scene" was uploaded on youtube by the TIH crew.

Danneel Harris (Jensen's real life girlfriend), who plays Tish, is also in the scene.

Sorry about all the tampon posts this morning!!


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Lindsay Lohan runs to the store

Poor Lindsay Lohan looks so impressed that the pap followed her into a buy tampons. I must say though that it is pretty bad when a girl can't buy tampons in peace!!! And obviously she hasn't broke up with Riley as everyone has reported.


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