Heroes won a Scream Award!

Okay Milo Ventimiglia looks really hot while he accepts the award for best TV show at the Scream awards. I knew that they were the best!


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Mark Wahlberg is replacing Ryan Gosling in "The Lovely Bones"

Mark Wahlberg is replacing Ryan Gosling in "The Lovely Bones". Just Jared is reporting that this happened just ONE day before shooting!!! (Filming begins today in Pennsylvania.)

Ryan vacated the role on Friday; Marky Mark stepped in on Sunday after quickly reading the script.

Wahlberg has taken the role of Jack Salmon, the grieving father of a young girl. Rachel Weisz will play his wife. After their daughter is murdered, the girl watches over her family and her killer from heaven.

Gosling gained 20 pounds and grew a beard for the role. “Creative differences” supposedly contributed to his abrupt exit.

All I can say is darn it...I was really looking forward to seeing Ryan in that role...and now Ryan has to lose all that weight that he gained for the role.

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Ellen Degeneres has dumped other dogs too???

Page Six is claiming that this isn't the first time that Ellen Degeneres has dumped a dog...ELLEN DeGeneres' latest doggy dealing wasn't the first time she'd passed along a pup she'd adopted, says a Los Angeles producer who gave the talk-show queen a pooch she quickly got rid of.

Kerri Randles says she gave DeGeneres a male mutt named Stormy two years ago, only to find out less than two months later that fickle Ellen had re-gifted him to a member of her staff.

"She may have had it for much less time than that. I only say two months because that's when I called to check on the dog and found out she no longer had it," Randles said. "I was totally shocked. I thought she was out of her mind."

DeGeneres may have passed along several other dogs over the years. Howard Stern said on his Sirius show that he'd heard she had done this nine times before.

I don't know what to say about this. I am a big Ellen Degeneres fan and I don't want to say this is true but I had to put it out there.

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Jennifer Lopez has a big baby bump

Jennifer Lopez has yet to confirm that she is pregnant but from this picture she sure looks it!!


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Britney Spears' Lips have been enhanced a tad

A source told People.com that Britney Spears' lips have been enhanced a tad...does that look like a tad?? That looks like A LOT!!!

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Reese Witherspoon at the Rome Film Festival

Reese Witherspoon is looking so happy these days. This was from Sunday night at the Rome Film Festival where she is promoting Rendition with Jake Gyllenhaal.


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