There is something very wrong with this picture of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

This picture really makes me cringe. I guess Spencer Pratt couldn't get anyone to film Heidi Montag's video so he had to do it himself. In any looks all wrong!! And what's up with that bathing suit?? SHe only owns one?

Here are more pics of Heidi in her bathing suit...

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Lindsay Lohan taking a smoke break

I guess Lindsay Lohan hasn't broken the smoking habit. Here she is taking a break from her dance rehearsal for the movie Dare to Love Me.

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Ellen Degeneres tells viewers that the situation has gotten out of hand

Ellen Degeneres told viewers today that things have gotten out of hand, "Let me just say this, it's gotten out of hand. I want nothing, nothing more than that dog returned to that family. But you don't resort to violence. So anybody out there, please stop that. Please don't threaten or do whatever."

Iggy has been placed with another family. Many other organizations have called Ellen and said they would give Ruby, the hairdressers daughter, their dog.
"Ruby, the little girl, doesn't want another dog, she wants Iggy," DeGeneres says on her Thursday program. "It's not a toy that's broken that you can replace. It's a dog."
So for now, Ellen Degeneres says she'll stay quiet. But I think this fight is long from over.

Here is footage from the show and Ellen Degeneres explaining it.

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Britney Spears can't see her children now!

Yahoo news is reporting that the judge has taken away Britney Spears' rights to visitation with her children!

She may not see 2-year-old Sean Preston and 1-year-old Jayden James who are in the custody of Spears' ex-husband, Kevin Federline until she complies with a court order, Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled.

The order, dated Wednesday, does not spell out what directives Spears defied. A hearing in the matter was scheduled for Oct. 26.

In the past, Gordon has reprimanded Spears for not complying with other court orders, repeatedly saying that she lost primary custody to Federline due to her own choices.

Among other things, Gordon has ordered her to undergo random weekly drug testing, citing evidence that Spears engaged in "habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol."

She could not visit with her children without a parenting coach present. The coach participated in the emergency hearing Wednesday. Both parents were ordered to remain sober around their children.


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