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L A baby!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well?As I'm sure you know, we are finally in LA. We've been looking forward to the move for such a long time, and now it has finally happened we can't wait to get settled in. It was a long flight for our three boys but they are so excited - they think they're going to be living in Disneyland!David had his first press conference as an official LA Galaxy player last Friday - he handled it well, it can be a daunting task doing a press conference and I really was very proud of him. That evening I appeared on the Jay Leno show, I must admit I was a bit on the nervous side but it was a great show to be on. And did you catch my TV show the other night? I really hope you enjoyed it - let me know what you thought.So that's my first few days in America. All we need to do now is unpack - something I'm not looking forward to!Catch up with you soon.

LoveVictoria x

Interesting isn't it???

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Britney Spears does have kids!

Just Jared had this pic of Britney and the two kids. It's about time I see her carrying them around instead of the damn dogs. The kids are so cute that I would always want to carry them around.

Just Jared also had these words that she used to an overweight paparazzo:
“Hey, baby! When you gonna get on a diet? Have you ever tried weight watchers you fat f*k? Why don’t you run you need a f*ing job you p*y. Yeah run. Run b*h.”

She's not nice at all, eh? Here is the footage of her swearing, please keep in mind there is bad words and please use your judgement watching it.

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Ashton Kutcher looks adorable!

Doesn't Ashton Kutcher look adorable? He is waiting for his friend here. I think he looks irresistible and I don't usually even like him! (Photo courtesy: USMagazine)

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