James Franco and Mila Kunis do The Hills

I almost died watching this Funny or Die with James Franco and Mila Kunis. James makes an awesome Justin Bobby!! Does this prove that The Hills is fake?

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Episode Stills from next weeks Gossip Girl

This episode of Gossip Girl looks really good. I really like how the character of Chuck is evolving...dare I say I am starting to like him?? Oh no!! I am getting sucked into the Gossip Girl world. This episode is on next Wednesday night on the CW.

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Hot Zachary Quinto pictures

Zachary Quinto plays such a creepy character on Heroes...but he's been growing on me in real life. I have been watching his clips from NoTORIous...and he's cute!!! So enjoy these pics from FHM!!

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Nicole Kidman's kids don't call her mom

Hollyscoop.com has reported that Nicole Kidman says her children refuse to call her 'Mom,' and she doesn't see them much because they enjoy living in Los Angeles with Tom.

She told UK TV show 'GMTV': "My kids don't call me mommy, they don't even call me mom. They call me Nicole, which I hate and tell them off for it."

Kidman also confessed her annoyance at her kids being raised as Scientologists. She said: 'Yes, they're being raised as Scientologists. I don't want to go there.

"My daughter and son, their life is molded by the way I live. If I wasn't willing to take on that responsibility, I shouldn't have adopted them. Then it can be argued that I should never have divorced, and that's true, too, but sometimes you don't have a decision in that. People fall out of love, they do.

'When children are teenagers, they have a say in where they want to be. Los Angeles is a big draw, and I'm looking to get a place there so we can share more.'


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Ryan Gosling has slimmed down again!

These are pictures from last night's private screening of Lars and the Real Girl. Ryan Gosling has seemed to have lost the weight really quickly that he had on. But now for his facial hair...I don't like it one bit!!

I saw a commercial for the movie yesterday and it looks really funny...Ryan Gosling's character treats a blow up doll like a real person.

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Britney Spear's is pregnant!! With Kevin Federline!!

Britney Spears is pregnant with twins...and the daddy is Kevin Federline!!

The pop star told X17online.com that she and Kevin Federline have kissed and made up - and she's pregnant with twins!

"Me and Kevin are getting back together and we're having twins," is exactly what Britney told paparazzi as she entered an L.A. Target store.

Could this possibly be true?

Brit, who turns 26 this weekend, seemed giddy as she strolled into the store with pal Sam Lufti. But when paparazzi pressed her for more info on Brit's bombshell, she giggled and clammed up as she stormed past them.

Brit later needed a police escort to help her out of the store after the chaos grew too much to handle.

When will the madness end???

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Johnny Depp was scared of his singing parts in Sweeney Todd

Johnny Depp had to overcome his fear of singing for his upcoming movie Sweeney Todd.

He says, "I think I was probably more frightened than anyone. I've never tried karaoke. It scares the hell out of me. I've never been that drunk - and I've been drunk. Tim said he didn't know if I could sing, and likewise, I didn't know if I could sing.

"I did these demos in my friend's garage studio because I didn't know if I'd be able to hit a note, to be honest, I really didn't. I did that and sent it to Tim and he said we're going to be okay. And then I became a bit more confident."

Poor Johnny!! I'm sure that it turned out awesome and I can't wait to see the movie!

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Milo Ventimiglia is keeping busy during the strike

OK! Magazine caught up with Milo Ventimiglia and asked how he was keeping busy during the writers strike...this is what he had to tell them:

“I run a production company," he explained to OK!. "The strike keeps everything slow, but for the most part the company is still up and running. We’ve got a project that I’m working on with American Eagle that we just wrapped up. It’s another online series of short films and then I’ve got a couple things in development." But mainly, says the former Gilmore Girls star, he's "just looking for some time to relax.”

Of course, in Hollywood, "relaxing" is just a code word for exercising. "I run as much as I can, lift weights and just try to keep myself active."

Milo even took some time to come to the defense of his co-star, and rumored gal-pal Hayden Panettiere, who recently had arrest warrants issued for her in Japan, following her participation in a protest against dolphin poaching. "It's admirable work that she's doing," Milo told OK!. "If there’s a cause that I find important, hopefully I’ll have as much courage to do the stuff that she’s doing."

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt meet Santa...

I guess even Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt believe in Santa. I wonder what they asked for??? Santa looks happy, it looks like its because his hand is on Heidi's chest!


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Heroes Trailers from the BBC

These four ads were filmed by BBC2 to promote the season one finale, which airs next week there. Four character spots were filmed, with the intent being to give an insight into the character's psyche.






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