Another restaurant for Ramsey!

Gordon Ramsay is opening a new restaurant in Ireland. Actually this guy could probably open a restaurant anywhere and people would flock to it. I love the show Hell's Kitchen. I haven't missed an episode since the whole thing started. He has high standards for his food and he isn't afraid to push people to be the best they can be. And then when he isn't working he is such a teddy bear. Personally, I would cry the first time he swore at me. But he has high standards and it has gotten him somewhere. Picture courtesy: Hello Magazine Online



  1. ExtraordinaryGirl said,

    I think Gordon Ramsay's AWESOME! He'd probably swear at me for calling him that, but I can't HELP myself! I read his autobiography, he's an amazing guy. I think the same thing you do, too, about if he swore at ME in the kitchen, but OH my gosh, I LOVE how candid and honest he can be; his employees LOVE him, too, so he can't be as bad as some people would like to think. I think it just takes a little tough skin to work with him --hell, to be in the whole food industry, anyway.

    on May 23, 2007 at 4:06 PM