This seasons MINDFREAK

I was watching Mindfreak last night. It was from Friday's show. He was doing a "stunt" where he laid shards of glass on the ground and layed over top of it and then...get ready for this...have a steam roller run over him. I thought for sure he would chicken out and it wouldn't even happy but how silly of me really when I saw the steam roller start to roll over his feet. What would posess anyone to do this? He got up to his lower back when he finally had had enough and told them to stop. I thought the weirdest part was when he did the voiceover he said something along the lines of...while I was laying there in shock I wondered if this time I had gone too far....THIS TIME??? I tell you watching that was the most horrible thing. I even saw little kids in the audience. This wasn't a "stunt" it was stupidity. I really like...I mean LOVE Criss...I am even thinking of getting a tattoo of his symbol on me...but I really am shaking my head on this one. Criss we love you....take care of yourself. (Photo courtesy: