Big Brother 8 Monday

Ok...I know it is Monday. I didn't get to watch yesterday's episode because I was really tired so we will see what we can do!!

Dick has been amazing being the 'NEW' PuppetMaster. How the heck can one guy make everyone change their mind like that? Sorry Will Kirby...there is a new master in town. (I still love you Will!!!)

Dick and Daniele are getting closer...they just haven't been showing it on Tv. Everytime I see the two of them together I cry!!

Can you believe that they showed footage of Daniele's boyfriend and what he thinks of the whole situation? I think that is just messing with other people's life. What is he supposed to say. "I hate her and she is in big trouble!" Now come on...I thought that was pretty bad.

And Dustin put up Jen and Kail, what a surprise.

For all the girls who love Dick as much as I do I leave you with this pic from CBS.