BREAKING NEWS Keith Urban in a Motorcycle Accident is reporting that Keith Urban got into a motorcycle accident this morning and is blaming the paparazzi! They go on to say....Witnesses told the Daily Telegraph they saw Urban riding his bike near his home, when he lost control and fell off. The witnesses claim they saw a photographer following Urban on another bike.

When asked about the crash, Urban, through his rep, issued the following statement to TMZ:

"Today's incident was the result of one person's desire to do his job and my desire to maintain my privacy. Some have already attempted to inflate the facts, but the reality is this; while out riding to an AA meeting, a time when my privacy is especially important to me, I felt myself being pursued. I sped up, and in an effort to elude an oncoming car, which was making an illegal U-turn, saw no choice but to drop my bike. In actual fact, my pursuer came to my assistance, without taking photos, and helped me from the road. I returned home, got my car, and continued on my way."

It was a minor accident and he is okay.