Could it be true?? Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi split?

I reported yesterday that Ellen Degeneres' publicist was denying that Ellen Degeneres and Portia DeRossie split. But thanks to a reader they pointed out a reliable source that says they split.

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting this....While spokesfolks for the couple either deny (DeGeneres) or dodge the subject (de Rossi), a couple of my Hollywood sources -- including an ''Ellen'' show staffer and a neighbor of the two women -- insist it's true.

De Rossi reportedly ''has not been seen very much in the past week ... since the whole dog thing happened,'' says the neighbor. As has been reported, it was de Rossi who signed the contract with Mutts & Moms, the pet adoption agency, agreeing to return Iggy (the dog in question) to the agency if it didn't work out.

In the days since DeGeneres' emotional crying jag on her show last week, the staff member says ''it's been really tense around here,'' with many show insiders whispering about ''Ellen and Portia splitting up.''

So who knows...may be it is true...I guess time will tell.