Jessica Simpson and Bam Margera???

Bam Margera has went public with his romance with Jessica Simpson, admitting the fling ended his volatile romance with on/off girlfriend Jennifer Rivell.

Bam, who is now married to childhood sweetheart Missy Rothstein, was romantically linked to Simpson after she split from husband Nick Lachey in 2005. Simpson has always denied reports, despite Margera’s boasts during interviews that he briefly dated the pop star.

And now Margera is coming clean about the romance, admitting his Simpson fling came to an end when his former fiancee found out about it.

Margera says, “We were seeing each other for a while — but that whole Hollywood thing just isn’t me. I guess it was good it happened though.

“The stories about me and Jessica prompted my ex, who I had been seeing on and off, to go nuts. She went crazy.

“She broke thousands of dollars worth of [bleep] at my house and all the rest of it — but at least it gave me a good excuse to dump her. “I got rid of her after that, so, in a way, I can be grateful to Jessica Simpson. She helped me on the path of true love.”

Wow...who would have known....I really like Missy!!

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