The Ten Hottest New Fall Shows...

Gossip Girl-It takes a look at the posh side of life. I think it has a Cruel Intentions feel to it. Especially that Chuck guy...he is so creepy in a weird way. Gossip Girl was the first this season to be picked up for the whole season...YAY!

Private Practice-it is the highest rated new show! You can find it on Wednesday night.

Pushing Daisies- There is something so whimsical about this show. All bright and Pleasantville like..

Aliens in America-its a fish-out-of water comedy about high schoolers in Wisconsin. And it comes highly recommended.

Cane-has come out as a front runner. This show has been voted as the best new Fall Show.

Chuck-I think this was a surprise to everyone. I didn't think the show was going to be that great...but it really is. It's nice to see the normal guy becoming a hero.

Life-This drama seems to be holding its own on Wednesday nights.

Bionic Woman-This show is one of the top 5 highest rated new Fall shows. There have been more scripts ordered so look out for more of the Bionic Woman.

K-Ville-It was first reported that it was in trouble. But more scripts have been ordered so be sure to catch the show on FOX.

Journeyman-Journeyman seems to be holding it's time slot after Heroes. They have ordered more scripts so we will have to see what happens.

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