The truth about Ryan Gosling getting fired by Peter Jackson has finally addressed the controversy of Ryan Gosling getting fired by Peter Jackson.

He was asked right out what happened and this is what he answered..."I think, people are making it a far more interesting story than it actually is," he says. "The age of the character versus my real age was always a concern of mine. Peter and I tried to make it work and ultimately it just didn’t. I think the film is much better off with Mark Walhberg in that role. Peter Jackson is an incredible filmmaker and I’m here to tell you that he has things up his sleeve that are going to blow peoples’ minds. I’m going to be the first person in line to buy tickets."

As for the report that he was difficult to work with, Gosling says, "The media always slant things in a negative direction. If somebody said I was easy to work with, they’d make that sound bad, too."