Fans are dumb to trash Ellen Degeneres

I can't get over how fast fans are at turning their backs on Ellen Degeneres...Ellen is no different than Oprah, Dr. Phil, Live with Regis and Kelly, etc., and DeGeneres has contractual obligations to deliver to all of the local TV markets that air her show so why are you putting her down?? Why not go after Dr. Phil...or Oprah or Regis and Kelly....COME ON PEOPLE...I even got an email to sign a petition to boycott the show. Now come on...she is probably the only one who has said how she feel publicly and everyone is trashing her for it.

A friend of mine published this this morning in her it.....

How dare anyone make fun of Ellen! After all she’s been through!

She loved Iggy! She dated Anne Heche! She has three fucking dogs that don’t annoy her cats. Heche turned out to be a nut case and Ellen has even done her show from a hospital bed!!!

And now she’s being bashed about the writer’s strike.

All you people care about is laughing and watching Ellen dance! SHE’S A COMEDIAN!!!!

What you don’t realize is that Ellen is making all of these jokes for you and all you do is write a bunch of CRAP about her.

She’s been an entertainer for years. Her show is called Ellen for a reason - because it’s her NAME NAME NAME NAME!!!!


Leave her alone!!!


You’re lucky she even does a show for you bastards! Leave Ellen ALONE!!



Mutts and Moms said that if Ellen couldn’t keep Iggy that she had to return him to them, no matter what.

Speaking of Iggy, since when is it nice to snatch a dog from a child???






Leave Ellen DeGeneres alone RIGHT NOW!

I mean it.

Anyone who has a problem with her can just deal with me.

Because she’s busy with the writer’s strike right now!


Leave Her and Portia Alone!



Thanks to Chris Crocker for making this post possible.

Thanks girl for summing that up really nicely...for goodness sakes...ELLEN ROCKS!




  1. Gerri said,

    haha... they better leave Ellen alone now dammit! ;)

    on November 11, 2007 at 9:06 AM