Hayden Panettiere stands by her word

Even though there is a warrant out for Hayden Panettiere's arrest she is still standing by what she did.

Later yesterday after finding out about the warrant she told Access Hollywood in a statement: "Obviously this issue has generated defensive behavior on the part of both the Japanese authorities and fishermen."

For her part, Panettiere said, "I have grown up hearing – and adhering to – this phrase: 'Condemnation without investigation dooms one to everlasting ignorance.' "

Moving forward, "We must unite as a world to solve our increasing international environmental crises. We can no longer hide [behind] outdated, senseless cultural traditions and lazy, bad habits that are resulting in the annihilation of our planet's resources and the extinction of our species," she said.

In response to that protest, Takumi Fukuda, a spokesperson for the Fisheries Attaché at the Embassy of Japan released a statement to Access Hollywood. It said, "Generations of people in Taiji have relied on fisheries for their livelihoods, and their catches are carried out in a sustainable manner."

Adding that "The population of dolphins has been healthily maintained for many years," Fukuda statement goes on to say, "While respecting Ms. Panettierre's personal feelings towards dolphins, I hope that your viewers will be reassured by the fact that Japan is carefully managing marine-living resources for the future."

I am totally with Hayden on this one...I hope that this awareness she has been bringing to the topic will make them further change their minds.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    Hayden is so dumb. If you want to get behind an evironmental issue that's great, but make sure it's a real one. Jesus Christ! Are we really wasting time trying to save dolphins when there's plenty of them? As far as I'm concerned, natives have been eating dolphins the same way we eat cattle. It's really no different. Maybe Hayden would think it was OK if we domesticated dolphins for her. Let's worry about more important things.

    on November 16, 2007 at 6:19 PM

  2. Taylor Blue said,

    Hayden has said before that dolphin meat is poisonous...but hey at least she is trying to do something real instead of being known for showing her hooch and being drunk....

    on November 16, 2007 at 6:42 PM