Photoshopitis...what would the stars look like fixed?

Radar Magazine had this really cool article in it. I was able to find the online version so I could share it with you. What would these stars look like if they were photoshopped and their flaws taken away?

Zach Braff would still look bad...I can't even bear to look!!!

Kelly Clarkson and a nose job would be a really bad thing. Keep it they way it is Kelly!

Fixing Meryl Streep's face would just look bad. Sometimes keeping the things that make you who you are is a good thing!
If you put fat lips on Kirsten Dunst she looks really gross!! I have lips just like her...guess I won't be getting them plumped!!
Adrian Brody looks almost unrecognizable when you fix his nose...he becomes Zac Efron's twin!!
Owen Wilson with his nose fixed...he doesn't change much at all!!