Spencer Pratt sex tape....Do we care???

Spencer Pratt is always trying to be like everyone else...and now it's said that he has a sex tape now too! Us magazine has the scoop saying....A recent National Enquirer report claimed that Pratt, 24, has been shopping footage of himself and some pals hooking up with a bevy of Brazilian women (before he met fiance Heidi Montag, 21) and wants it released on the sly under the guise that it had been “stolen.”

But Pratt assures Us Weekly, “I was never on camera, and there is no sex tape. However, I did go to Brazil three years ago to film a jujitsu tournament for a documentary.”

At the risk of giving Pratt ideas, a source tells Us that if there were a sex tape of him floating around, it could fetch serious bucks. “Initial licensing could be upward of a million dollars,” says the source, who has bought and sold celebrity footage. “He could turn it into a money-making machine.”

Would you buy the copy?? I wouldn't...Let's not give him any ideas!