Before They Were Stars

Jessica Biel was such a cutie when she was smaller.

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Celebrity Quote of the Day

"I find Paula patronizing. It's as simple as that. Paula is more damaging than I am to these contestants because a lot of people just shouldn't be singing for a living."-Simon Cowell

(Photo courtesy: MSN Media)

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Britney's Fashion Mistake of the Day

I think I should make it a daily feature. She always has something for me to write about. So again I ask, "What are you thinking girl???" Does she know that cameras follow her everywhere?? (Picture Courtesy: E!Online)

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When will they learn??

Courtney Love in a bikini...this is soooo wrong on so many levels. I think that soon she will be going for plastic surgery on the rest of her body. You wouldn't catch me wearing a bikini that's for sure!!! (Photo courtesy:

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