Britney's oppppssss !

I found this movie at TMZ.It shows how bad the paparazzi really can be and how much of a pain it must be to have that around you all the time. And it shows Britney flashing everybody.

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It has been confirmed!

E! News has confirmed that Christina Aguilera is expecting her first child with her husband. I just hope that it doesn't ruin her career like it did Britney....Congrats to Christina and her family...
(Source and Photo courtesy: iVillage)

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Stars and their bathing suits

Do you think its sexy to see a guy running around with messed up hair and goggles around his neck???

Now we all know why Heidi Montag got she could look killer in this bathing suit!!

Katie Holmes looks like she belongs in another era with this bathing suit. I would never wear a bathing suit with a buckle.

There is something about this pic that just bugs it the stomach sticking out???
(Photos courtesy: iVillage)

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