Nick and Vanessa

Well folks...I am really debating whether to post these pictures but I guess I better not. So if you want to see them you will have to go see them here. I just want to know why someone would publish something like this. It looks like the most private moment two people could have and here the paparazzi had to come in and ruin it for them. (How rude!) NOTE:the images on the link may not be suitable for all audiences.
(Picture courtesy: All Stars Central)

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Doesn't Lindsay just look happy. She is waving to everybody at her pop and chip party she had for the 4th of July. I hope it lasts because doesn't she look pretty without being drunk??? (Photo courtesy:

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Is something Mousey going on??

Is Eva Longoria already cheating on Tony Parker even before they are married? She looks pretty close to Mickey there!! No, they are just starting their prewedding party the right way!
(Picture courtesy:

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