Matthew McConaughey's hair flip

Does Matthew McConaughey think he is in the middle of a model shoot with the hair flip he is doing??? (Photo Courtesy: OMG!)

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Britney Spears is falling apart

What would possess someone to look like this?? I think she has just went crazy. Britney take a lesson from Paris...SETTLE DOWN already!!! (Photo courtesy: OMG!)

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Justin Timberlake's Tattoo's

Today I am going to kick of my favorite stars with tattoo's so come and see them....

Justin Timberlake is first on my list....he has his initials tattooed on ankles, a cross on his left shoulder, large pic of angel with the word GUARDIAN above tattooed on back...he brings the tattoo to a whole new level. He sure brings Sexy BACK!!! (Picture courtesy: All Stars Central)

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David Beckham in the US....

David Beckham is sure getting comfortable in the States. And now he shaved his head. Honestly if I saw this guy walking beside me I wouldn't have a clue who he was....but now his cover is blown!! (Photo courtesy:

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