Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia have lunch together...

Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere had lunch together...is it true what they say? I hope they are just friends since Milo is like 10 years older than her.

Milo is also the cover boy for the latest issue of Men’s Fitness. He reveals in the magazine on a recent date, his lady friend asked, “So you’re polite, you don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you’re a vegetarian, you keep yourself fit, and you’re successful. What’s wrong with you?”

So what is wrong with him? He seems like a dream come true to me!!

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Criss Angel is just USING Britney Spears

Page Six is reporting that ILLUSIONIST Criss Angel is a "press whore" who's just "using" Britney Spears to get more attention and fame for himself, friends of his say. Angel - who just signed a 10-year deal with the Luxor in Las Vegas that will net him almost $10 million a year - was "ecstatic" when his manager, Jeff Kwatinetz, asked him to meet with Spears, who was interested in using illusion in her VMA performance this Sunday.

The two "hooked up the night they met" and Angel has been "using her to get press ever since," we're told. A Vegas spy said, "He doesn't even really talk to her when they go out. This weekend at [club] LAX, they weren't seated at the same table, but when the paparazzi were around he jumped in all the pictures. . . . The paparazzi all have his number." Meanwhile, some of the stories leaked to the tabloids about how Angel was orchestrating a big VMA number for Spears using mirrors are false. "She is just doing a straight-up performance of her new single, 'Gimme More,' " a spy said. Kwatinetz didn't return calls.

Criss Criss...I knew you wouldn't be such a bad person and get yourself messed up with her! I guess money does talk...I don't know what is worse?

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Johnny Depp at the Venice Film Festival

Johnny Depp arrived at the Venice Film Festival Wednesday where he he presented his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory director Tim Burton with the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award. How hot does he look lately??

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Halle Berry Pregnant!

Halle Berry is three months pregnant. I had to tell you I knew this was coming. I thought she was pregnant weeks ago. Congrats go out to Berry!


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