Christina Aguilera has a perfume too!

It seems everyone has their own perfume now a days. Christina Aguilera has her own now too. I want this one because when you spray it on you get an instant tattoo. That would be way less painful and a lot cheaper!

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Keri Russell and River!

Doesn't River look just amazing?? And Keri Russell looks so happy!! What a great mom!


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Britney Spears doesn't think Chris Crocker is funny!

US magazine says that Britney Spears finds Chris Crocker insulting! Chris Crocker may be Britney Spears’ biggest fan but the feeling apparently isn’t mutual.

Sources tells that the Tennessee native, who garnered instant fame after posting his “Leave Britney Alone!” plea on YouTube, has rubbed the pop princess the wrong way.

"Britney does not think Chris Crocker is funny,” a Spears pal tells Us. “She thinks he's creepy and that all his videos are an obvious attempt at fame. She finds it insulting and difficult to watch."

But Crocker defends his teary online tribute. “It was to give Britney fans a voice,” he tells “There is nothing insulting there. It was for her fans to show our support.”

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Hayden Panettiere looks like she's in a photo shoot!

I think this is a cute picture of Hayden Panettiere. It looks like she is in the middle of a photo shoot. But dogs need to go may be these dogs couldn't wait???

Here are some more pics:

Top Photo

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Britney Spears is optimistic about getting her kids back says a friend is reporting that Britney Spears is "very optimistic" that she'll get her sons back as she completes the judge's checklist, the singer's close friend Sam Lufti tells PEOPLE.

Lufti, whom Kevin Federline's camp attempted to subpoena in the ongoing custody battle, reminded PEOPLE in an e-mail that Federline getting custody is "temporary."

"We ... signed all the necessary documents that she needed to get done," he said. Spears, he added, is "in a good mood, no problems, very optimistic."

Monday a judge granted Federline physical custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, "until further order of the court."

Lufti told PEOPLE that what led to the ruling was just a misunderstanding. "Scheduling conflicts and errors in communication led her to believe that her deadline was later this week rather than [Monday]," Lufti said. "However, once we finally realized what was going on, we completed the list of tasks. ...So everything's looking good."


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