Shirtless Celebrity of the Day-Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles is hot...I can't get over this picture. Thanks to confessing for this!! I just love this picture....don't worry though I still love Milo Ventimiglia more!

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Jessica Simpson dances ... while the others watch!

Jessica Simpson is getting her freak on...and look at Ken Paves...just standing there drinking. He knows what his priorities are!!

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Christina Aguilera cuddles her baby bump!

Christina Aguilera has yet to confirm her pregnancy but she is looking rather motherly in this baby boutique.


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Noami Watts looks amazing!

Noami Watts looks amazing as she steps out with her son, Alexander, who is three months old now.

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Halle Berry gives being pregnant a new name!

I am very jealous of Halle Berry! I only wish that I looked this good when I was pregnant. She is giving being pregnant a wonderful name.


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Who had the best Halloween costume???

It seems like everyone is gearing up for Halloween...except me! I hate Halloween!! But I found these stars had amazing costumes...who do you think wore it the best??

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