Ellen Page On Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Page made an appearance on Ellen Degeneres talking about the Oscars.

Ellen Page shared with Ellen one of her anxiety dreams about the Oscars...

"I had one where I was with my stylist and she’s kind of helping me out and she’s awesome, and she had me in jeans, and I was like, 'Sam, this is awesome I feel really comfortable but I think I need to wear a dress,'" she said.

"So we throw on a dress, and it’s strapless and dark red, a lovely dress.

"I get to the Oscars, and I’m totally late. I’m like the new kid who shows up really late. Not, not cool, and I look down and at the strapless dress, and I’m wearing a sports bra!"

DeGeneres comforted the actress with a champagne toast in honor of her nomination and her recent 21st birthday.

"Wow, I’ve never tasted liquor before!" Page cracked.


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