Ellen Degeneres in hot water over puppy!

People is reporting that Ellen Degeneres is in trouble with a pet adoption agency.

First of all, I am a HUGE fan of Ellen's. I love her for who she is and what she does. I don't think she meant to do what she did. She was doing what she thought was right.

DeGeneres and her partner, Portia de Rossi, took home a Brussels Griffon mix named Iggy on Sept. 20, but when things didn't work out between Iggy and the couple's cats, the TV host gave the dog to her hairdresser.

In doing so, DeGeneres, 49, violated an agreement with the Mutts and Moms dog rescue agency – by not informing them of the switch-off, reports the Associated Press. In a follow-up to the adoption, the agency called DeGeneres to inquire about Iggy, and was told another home was found for him. Mutts and Moms then dispatched a rep to the hairdresser's home on Sunday and removed Iggy.

"I feel totally responsible for it and I'm so sorry. I'm begging them to give that dog back to that family," she says. "It's not their fault. It's my fault. I shouldn't have given the dog away. Just please give the dog back to those little girls."

Here is the footage from her show explaining the situation:

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