Jorja Fox is leaving CSI

Eonline is confirming that Jorja Fox is leaving CSI...Jorja Fox has confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that she's leaving CSI, saying she will appear in only five episodes this season.

"There are all these things I want to do. Some are personal. Some are professional. And I really need to do some of them before I get too old," explains Fox. "If I thought the show were on its last legs, I would have tried harder to stay the course. But I feel like its going to be around for a while, so if I don’t want some of those dreams to pass me by, I have to get off the ride for a while."

I will miss Jorja on CSI...I loved the whole Sara/Grissom story line...I thought it brought out something amazing in Grissom's character. But I guess we all need to live our lives, right?