Rihanna on the cover of YOU magazine

Rihanna is featured on the cover of Britain's magazine YOU...inside she confesses some things...

Rihanna on working with Justin Timberlake: “I was so starstruck at being in the same room as him.”

Rihanna on her good-girl-gone-bad image: “I felt I was embarking on a whole new image, a whole new journey. I wanted to differentiate myself from the past. I have come into my own and I know what I’m doing now. I’ve called the new album Good Girl Gone Bad because I was determined to do it my way, I was sick of listening to what everyone else wanted. This is the way I like to look and sound, so I became very rebellious – that’s the attitude of the entire project. And some older people there, who tend to be very judgmental, are not pleased with my new image. But I’m not bad in a godless way”

Rihanna on drugs: “”I don’t want those problems. Even they didn’t want that to happen to them, and it’s a very sad situation. Outside the business, it’s easy to criticise them. It’s not hard for that kind of problem to happen, but you have to have good people around you to make sure it doesn’t. Artists work so hard and the people around them keep pushing, forgetting they’re human. And in turn the artist also forgets she’s human and stops caring – and that’s when you get lonely. If you travel the world and start to zone out in your hotel room, you turn to different things for comfort”

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