Victoria Beckham pregnant again??

OK! magazine is reporting exclusively that Victoria Beckham , already a mother of 3 boys, might be in the family way for a fourth time — and judging by her shopping habits, she might finally be having a girl!

Sources reveal to OK! that Posh popped into swanky L.A. baby store Petit Tresor, not once, but twice in the last week. Also, it appears the singer has been thinking pink, picking up both a Blankee brand blanket and a cashmere stuffed animal in that feminine hue.

When Posh returned with a friend to the Brentwood, Calif., boutique the following day, the source tells OK! she seemed to be gathering information for desigining a nursery for their new Southern California home.

So why would Victoria, who along with hubby David Beckham are the proud parents of Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 5, and 2-year-old Cruz, be keeping so hush-hush about the good news? "The Spice Girls reunion tour is coming up," explains one music industry insider. "Everyone's seen how much guff Christina Aguilera and J.Lo both got for touring while obviously being pregnant. She's probably trying to avoid that if she can."

Calls for comment to Victoria's rep have not yet been returned



  1. angeleyes said,

    victoria pregnant again well what can I say not because she having another baby but she is too thin, she going to make herself sick and the baby and she tries not to put weight on and keeps her bump small like she is ashamed of being pregnat, has she ever had natural birth or just c sections, she carnt keep having tummy tucks, is she doing this to keep david, well I think its sad, howc her life is

    on May 13, 2008 at 8:22 AM

  2. Anonymous said,

    are you mad!! Have you not seen the mothers in Africa ? Ethiopia?
    YOu don't make your baby sick by not eating ? so many mothers have morning sickness for a long time during their pregnancy!
    And as for a tummy tuck!! Could she not just be thin!! and not eat much?
    and have a chef, trainer , instructor and three boys to look after?

    on March 30, 2010 at 11:51 AM