Big Brother Monday....

I have decided to make every Monday until the end of the season Big Brother Monday! I only get a chance to watch the show on the weekend since that is when my husband and I watch it. So Monday's I am able to look at all the gossip. And not worry about spoiling it for me!(Please don't post any spoilers...I don't want to read them!)

First, Nick and his Top 5 list...what guys have a top 5 list of guys too? I don't have a Top 5 list of girls! Here he is discussing his top 5....

Second, what is up with Amber crying all the time? That poor girl. She cries when she is nominated and she cries when she is not! Here she is crying because Jen made her cry.

Third, Dick rocks...I really like this guy. I wish that he was my dad. I think its because that he isn't afraid to tell it like it is...and how can he do that without putting a big target on his back I'll never know. Here he is telling Jen off....again.

Also the most touching moment I have ever seen had to do with Dick and Daniele, I really teared was the sweetest thing around.

There that's my Monday...

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Bridget Moynahan working out?

I'm all a fan of looking good and staying in shape while you are helps when you are are in labor and to recover faster. But Bridget Moynahan looks like she can't even move with that watermelon in her tummy. I feel for you Bridget. (Photo courtesy:

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New pics of Johnny Depp and his soon to be wife

Here are some pictures of Johnny Depp and his soon to be wife just taken this weekend. Look at that one pic of Johnny. Is that a tattoo or his you know what hair?? What a crazy guy he is.
(Photos courtesy: Popsugar)

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David Beckham is SMART!!!

Maybe all the girls should take a lesson from David Beckham! Here he is covering his wife, Victoria Beckham, and the crotch shot. Now why don't the other girls do that? Just hire someone to cover them up when they get out of cars! Wow, Becks is SMART! (Photo courtesy:

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Suri is already a fan of David Beckham!! had this cute picture of Suri Cruise at David Beckham's soccer game on Saturday. She loves the LA Galaxy already!!! (Photo courtesy:

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